Dr. Shilpa Goyal

I am happy that you have chosen me for obstetrics and gynecological care. This is an effort to make a successful and trustworthy doctor patient relationship. I encourage my patients and their partners to actively participate in all aspect of their care. My aim would be to provide best possible medical care, and hope you will feel comfortable and secure with the treatment you receive.

Pregnancy is that wonderful period in a woman's life when she spends each and every day in pleasant anticipation, waiting to hold her bundle of joy in her arms at the end of the ninth month. Everything feels rosy and she enjoys every bit of pampering that she gets from her husband, in-laws, and parents. Every woman hopes for a normal pregnancy and normal delivery so that she can cradle and nurse a healthy baby. There is a lot of information everywhere, but we provide the same logically and simplistically for the benefit of the mothers-to-be. Knowing the do's and don'ts of pregnancy can empower a woman with the ability to stay in control all the time and to experience the transition to motherhood without any untoward incidents. Get your husband to read them too. After all, even he has the right to cherish every moment on his way to fatherhood!