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Infertility Treatment

Dr. Shilpa Goyal's Clinic is associated with a leading IVF Center to provide Infertility Evaluations that include:

Female factor infertility treatment

Male factor infertility treatment
Male factor fertility problems can be difficult to treat. Surgery can sometimes help. Occasionally medication may be prescribed. Specialized infertility units at hospitals or urologists will advise in this field.

Counseling, while not a treatment, is very much a part of our management. Not all couples will conceive and appropriate counseling can be of great value in assisting a couple to cope with this.
Sessions with Dr. Shilpa Goyal can take many different forms according to individual needs. Some people simply need information about what is available and where, while others will need one or more sessions to help with a decision or cope to help cope with the issues of fertility and infertility.
Confidentiality is always absolute and guaranteed.