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Your body has been constantly changing since you were born. During adolescence, the changes your body undergoes will be more rapid and dramatic than at any other time in your life, except for the first year after you were born. These changes can be scary, but also exciting. Either way, it's best to understand what is happening to your body so that you know what to expect.
Since you're going through so many changes at once, you might find yourself wondering - What's Normal?
Therefore, health counseling is very important for an adolescent girl. Dr. Shilpa Goyal can counsel you on many health subjects that respond to your health concerns and motivate you to choose healthy behaviors using positive, supportive and non-threatening messages. You can expect expert advice on subjects like:

Becoming a Woman


Food & Nutrition:

Emotional Health:

Dr. Shilpa Goyal lets teen girls know that life can be beautiful when you can put everything you juggle in life all together with balance. It covers handling different relationships, family, friends, accepting who you are, having a positive body image, peer pressure, protecting yourself from violence, and looking towards the future with hope and dreams.